A Father to the Fatherless, a defender of widows . . . Psalm 147:3

Angelina’s Story

We had one widow named Angelina, she has 4 kids 2 boys who are with us and 2 girls that are teenagers who lived with her.  When we started helping Angelina she was very sick and looked like your typical AIDS deaths-door person.  After sending her for tests it was just mis-diagnosed diabetes. We were able to get the proper meds for her stored in our fridge. She was living in a  ‘house’ made of rice sacks supported by bambo. We quickly got her some property and made her a bamboo mud hut with a tin roof, with the plans of upgrading it later, but wanted to just get her some better shelter up front. We then started building a cement house around her temporary one.  The cyclone hit at the beginning of this process and destroyed her temporary house. She and her girls lived in schools with many others in the post cyclone and her boys stayed with us. Sadly, she  got cholera and died quickly. Cholera and diabetes make for a horrible mix. We have completed her house and her girls now live there. Her boys are still with us.

We’ve had many ladies with boys with us. One came when she dropped her boy off and  nearly the next time he or we saw her was when he died a few years later. Angelina though, cared about her family, visited them daily and was a very loving mother. Sometimes you wonder why the people that die are the ones who want and live life.
John Wickes, 5/6/2020