Our Staff and Volunteers

Our Staff and Volunteers

Other Staff Members

Heather Pritchard came to Kedesh in July, 2008 from her home in England and has no intentions of leaving.  She is a manager, teacher, friend and helper for the boys of Kedesh.  Her Facebook page recounts many of the projects and activities over the years.

We have 3 employees.  Two are old boys Abel Mapicha who does farming  and administration. Antonio helps with maintenance. Maria  helps out the younger boys learning chores. Slui is forever Slui.  He comes and goes at his pleasure but helps out greatly on the farm.

Many others come to visit Kedesh and stay as volunteers to work on projects, help with activities or just provide companionship to the boys.  Some of their activities are detailed on other pages of this website.

Interview with John Wickes, Kedesh Founding Director

John Wickes came to Mozambique from his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. He came to Beira over 20 years ago and started working with street boys at a centre for street boys, teaching them practical skills linked to his own background in building and construction. As a result of the centre closing down to working with street boys, John took the 15 boys who he was working with and formed a home, still focusing on teaching them occupational skills.  Later, he was able to expand the home to accommodate 30 boys, ages 9 to 18.