Visiting and Visitors

Visitors come to Kedesh for many reasons,  Some hear about the great things happening here and come out of curiosity.  Others come to visit family members and staff and to interact with the boys.  Still others come to volunteer for projects which are always in the works.  

Several leave after visiting and write about their experiences at Kedesh.  Here are two of those whose accounts are posted online:  (click on the title to see the post)

Sophie Smith, photographer (2014)  

“An orphanage in Africa. This phrase conjures up pictures of institutions full of hungry unhappy children desperately in need of food and love. When I tell people that I spend my summer holidays working at an orphanage, people’s faces fill with awe and pity for the poor orphans they imagine me caring for. Kedesh, in Chamba on the outskirts of Biera in Mozambique, is a far cry from this idea of an orphanage.”

Bill Steven, blogger (2014)

Bill came to observe daily life and ended up helping with the construction of one of the main buildings.  In the process he interacted with staff and residents and learned about block-laying.  He posted informative accounts of the daily life and routines of the residents.