Our Home

Our Home at Kedesh

Sophie Smith:  “Next to the mango trees is the basketball hoop and the sandpit and near the bottom of the large property is a well worn soccer field where the local boys come and challenge the Kedesh team to a match every afternoon. Below this is a swampy lake, the vegetable garden and a grove of cashew trees which mark the edge of the property.”

Bill Steven:  “There is a small herd of cattle and a small herd of goats kept at Kedesh. They are kept locked up during the hours of darkness. During the day they are let out to roam over the eight acres of field area that is owned by Kedesh. The boys are assigned shepherding duties, the older boys tend the cattle, and the younger boys the goats. The rotas are two hours each and they are changed every week. The purpose of this duty is to teach the boys how to handle responsibility and how to be part of the team.”